Awkward Pencil Grip


What can I do if I see my child using an awkward pencil grip?

asked December 28, 2011

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 Teach the A-OK method. This teaches children how to hold the pencil correctly.  The pencil is pinched between the thumb pad and the index finger.

Pencil Grips.  If a child has difficulties holding the pencil correctly there are a variety of grips available at supply stores, art/stationery stores and through catalogs.  A great catalog for pencil grips can be found at

Use small pieces of crayon and/or small, thin pencil which help the child use a more mature grasp pattern due to the position of their fingers on the small writing tool.  Working on an incline surface further reinforces the correct wrist and finger position needed for a proper grasp.

Have the student use an upright surface while writing, as the 3” loose-leaf described above.
What can I do if my child has difficulty copying from the blackboard?

Use a colored overlay on the paper to increase contrast.  The overlay can be yellow, pink or blue and can be purchased at Staples or in a drug store. The overlay is a book cover in which the paper is placed.

Papers that are being copied can be placed on a vertical clipboard in front of the child.  The vertical clipboards can be made by gluing a wooden triangle block on the back of the board to create a stand.

 Copying work that is written in yellow chalk is thought to have the best visibility.

Have the child write using colored pencils or pens to help differentiate words.

Highlight the top and/or the bottom lines of the spaces in which the child is writing.

Place colored dots on the left side of the paper to help the child organize their writing.


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