Leading Occupational Therapy Services

I am a Nassau County Preschool Provider for children 3-5 who are qualified to receive occupational therapy services.
I can be reached at 516 398-9191.

Services are available at my state of the art sensory gym at Locust Valley Shoppes, 330 Forest Avenue, Locust Valley, NY 11560

Special thanks to Debra Em Wilson for her brilliant S’cool Moves and Power Up programs that I use on a daily basis with my children. Thank you to the Integrated Listening System and Brain Gym which have enhanced sensory motor integration for the children that I see for Occupational Therapy.

I have been practicing as an occupational therapist for over 18 years. I have extensive experience in working with the pediatric and adult population.   My background includes working in professional roles as an administrator, supervisor, consultant, evaluator, national speaker, author and product inventor. I am passionate about my work and strive in helping all of my clients reach their optimum level in performance.  I take on an active role in working with the whole family. Together, we establish realistic, obtainable goals that make life more pleasant and positive for the child and for the family.

Parents seek my professional expertise when their children experience difficulties with any of the following things on the right.

These behaviors are a problem if they interfere with your child wanting to participate in activities in home and at school. A lack of success and frustration often lead to poor self esteem and disinterest in play. There is help available and many children can be taught to cope, self regulate and pursue.

Remember, therapy involves making a committment. It requires dedication and consistency from you and your child. Changes involve challenges and patience. Together we work to help your child reach optimum results and experience success.

We join as partners in the journey of achieving success.

This little guy is gaining a great sense of body scheme as he is working on eye hand coordination while strengthening his core.

Parents seek my professional expertise when their children experience difficulties with any of the following:

  • Attending and staying focused
  • Blocking out background sensory stimuli
  • Difficulty in organizing and making sense out of sensory information (poor sensory processing)
  • Poor fine and gross motor skills
  • Poor or illegible, handwriting, poor copying from the blackboard and difficulty in taking notes
  • Movements lack timing, speed and motor coordination
  • Discomfort on playground equipment, fear of falling, clumsy
  • Poor body awareness of self, accident prone
  • Poor ocular motor control;trouble following words on a page
  • Poor executive functions, poor skills in organization and in getting started with important tasks
  • Unusual sensitivities to sensation including clothing, foods, smells, noise and touch