April is Autism Awareness and occupational Therapy Awareness Month

Occupational therapists Doreit Bialer and Allison Milligan and physical therapist Diana Kraupner combined their creative minds to create a "Sensory Room" for students with varying abilities at Bayville Primary School.

The room contained a pop-up tent that students could sit in, a writing station where they practiced their writing skills in shaving cream and rice, tunnels to crawl through, balance boards, new foods to taste and a variety of textures to explore. The range of stimuli enabled them to investigate and interact in a safe environment. Assistant Principal Dorothy McManus said that experiences such as this enhance the educational curriculum for students with differing capabilities. “For those who have sensory issues, making new sensory experiences enjoyable can help them,” she said. 

Participating students enjoyed the experience and wanted to know when they could do it again.

Special thanks to Shannon Milligan for helping with this unique event.