Having my child work with Dr. Bialer was life changing for my son Ralph and for my entire family. What a gift Dr. Doreit is to our society!- The Bentsons- 2019

Ava loves going to see Dr. Doreit. She reminds me every day that our session is coming up. She is so much better at attending and working through her motor challenges. – Terri G and family, 2019

I have learned more about how to prepare my child for success in routines that used to be challenging. Thank you so much for your devotion and time and support over the past 8 months.- The Andersons family 2019.

My . child who has so many sensory issues and would not wear certain clothes or eat certain foods has finally expanded his regime. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with our family, Dr. B. May God Bless you- We can finally go out to eat with Jake and our vacations are so much more enjoyable!!

–The Woolsey family, 2019