Hello Doreit!

I received your book today … and I thank you for sending it. I sat still this evening and made my way through the introductory comments and letters and perused the rest of the book. I have a feeling my understanding of A SECRET from your perspective will actually clarify many questions I have about SPD etc! That will be a fabulous day, given my collaboration with students and considering my “practice” background has always been with adults and older adults.

That said, I’m especially intrigued to read this book to understand the range of processing we all experience as I send this email from my “ball-chair” at my home office and consider this book’s potential “place” in my sister’s life as she does her best to parent my niece and nephew with their unique ways of being!

Copied Sarah on this too as I’m just super excited I got to meet her/you for even 5 minutes at AOTA conference last year! ha! wonderful to read about a team of thinkers and leaders like yourselves and to see the generosity shared amongst y’all within this book. Given my “virtual” world of work these days … I imagine your times together are fun and stimulating!

thank you (and Dr. Miller) for being my teachers … see you, Doreit, in a few months!

Be well,

Elysa Roberts PhD, OTR/L